Disposable 3ply Face Masks

Disposable Masks

malleable nose clip, latex-free, non-woven inner layer

The 3-layer disposable drape is equipped with a three-layer nonwoven filter. Despite the excellent filtering properties, the mouthpiece is light and breathable, comfortable wearing is supported by elastic ear loops. For maximum efficiency, the mouthpiece is complemented by a reinforcement in the nose area, which you shape exactly according to your needs so that it fits perfectly with the contours of your face and does not stand anywhere. The material does not contain fiberglass or latex, which could possibly cause allergic reactions. The mask was made according to the EN 149 standard in Turkey and you will find 50 pieces in the package.

How to put a mask

1. Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and warm water before use
2. Remove the mask from the package, place it next to your face and place the loops behind your ears
3. Adjust the mask to cover your mouth, nose and chin
4. Shape the aluminum reinforcement in the nose area to fit your face

Disposable Masks Certificate CE

Key features of disposable masks

  • Disposable lightweight breathable mouthpiece with a three-layer filter made of non-woven fabric
  • Elastic ear loops promote wearing comfort
  • The shapeable nose clip ensures a great adhesion of the mouthpiece to your face
  • Mask made according to the standard EN 149
  • It does not contain latex or fiberglass
  • The mask is not sterile
  • Package contains 50 pcs

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